Swine Flu Scanner Free (Fingerprint Test) App Reviews

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Remember when swine flu was relevant? Yeah me neither.

True are fake

I hate it


This app is so funny! Lol this app is a prank to pull on your friends! It's so funny lol 😂😂😂😂 I think you guys should try this app!

I would have put I star

This app stinks


This app is horrible uhhhhh I hate it!

Never believe these stupid apps!

It always say I have the swine flu but I don't. It will tell you that your moderate or mild. It is BS!

Šwêęt æńd æweßœmê

Some times it is awesome and other times it isn't as cool I love it


My friend freaked out when it said extreme to her lol cool app

Great App! But...

Apparently, those who say it doesn't work don't know how to read! It says that it doesn't actually diagnose swine flu! Duh..! And its a great app, it works on people who are exceptionally gullible (: But it can use a level where it says you don't have swine flu. Two thumbs up! (:


This app is soooooooooo stupid,it shouldn't even be an app....I keeps saying the same things over and over again.

awesome but dumb

it is really fun but it should give real answers people want the truth and nothing but it i tried it 2 times then deleted D O N T GET THIS APP! caution warning but good try cant please every one!


It's fun but it doesn't tell the truth

Real app!! Not CRAP!!

I tested my finger and it said I was extremely infected. I went to the doctor, I was totally infected!!! I healed it doesn't last long but you cough to death and I did so much!!

Really cool

I scanned my dog's paw to see if he has the swine flu but he was unflicted.

Swine ful

Me and my friend ran around the house for hours scared to deaf!


This app 📲is soooo fun😄😄😄😄so get it!😍😍😍😍😘😘😚😌😁😁😃😃☺☺😉😉😄😄😏😏😏🐵🐒🐴🐎🐫🐑🐘🐛


This app is SO funny- especially when you do it on someone who is extremely gullible!!!

Crappy app

Inaccurate,stupid,and boring not even worth being a free app ( not even worth being made)


It is not good.Don't waste your time using this app.It doesn't even tell the truth.


I was so scared of it when I was young !!!!!


I liked it. And btw people, it's not supposed to actually be able to diagnose you. Weeeeboooes.

Swine flu scanner

It is fun and I know because I played it on my cousins I phone but it is also really lame because it does not tell the truth


I love this app! Me and my friends have fun with it all the time! Get this app, it's one of my favorites! 


It's a fun game I had it on my I pad me and my sister liked it buy it .it's a fun game


This app is a total waste of time.


Funny and cute , trick your friends!(;

Stupid people! (no offence)

It's no realy supposed 2 tell u the truth! 1st of all it says in the description," This app will not tell u if u really has swine flu." And do u know what makes me mad?! Huh do ya?! Because I don't think u do! Well I'll tell u, how some of u people on the app store cuss and say mean things in the coments! ( I don't mean 2 point fingers but ) I mean have ur parents not tought u the golden rule? Well I got news 4 u the rule replies on the Internet 2! So anywho, it's a good app! 


This app is so stupid. It said I had it very super high. Once again STUPID!!!


It's fun to use but doesn't tell the truth

Fun App!

People, it wasn't meant to REALLY tell you if you had the swine flu! It's just for fun!!! And besides, its free!! It's not like you had to pay for it!!

Piece of crap!!!!

Stupid junk!! It's lame!!! Dumb! Waste of space!!


doesnt even work

Cool and funny

Title says all

Dont no



Idiots. You are suppost to prank your friends and family.It isn't suppost to be real.

A piece of crap

So fake. I mean it was allergy season wen I did this and it said extreme. But the swine flu was over so it's kinda not possible to have the swine flu.


I tired it said extreme I am fine little aholes


What do you mean I have a swine flu? I DO NOT!


I pranked my friends


It is good but loud


It's so inaccrate! It said extreme. I'm totally healthy!


I think it ok for joking around or fooling a lil sis or bro

I hate it so much and I am under 10

It is sssssssssooooooooo boring after u do it 2 times plus it's not accurate even though it's free it's just stuped because the first time u do it it will say u do havet then it u do not do not get it it is a wast . I would of not put any stares but it made me it's ssssssssssssssooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!


Well yes duh, it is fake, but what the heck Is the freaking point? Everyones giving it 5 stars saying crap like "this rocks I pranked my mom" so what? There is hecka lot of other amazing pranks out there. People who like this are messed up



Wast of time

It is fake it is in a freaking pattern !

Swine flu scanner

It is awesome!!!!!! I love iiiit :D


Each finger had a different review!! I mean really one finger had mild the moderate then extreme then none!! It's a point less app


Did he actually get sick the one who gave 5 stars and said his iPhone gave him the swine flue


It's soooo funny!!

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